Robert Scott Bell radio show interview

On Sunday 29th March an impactful health practitioner event was held by ANH (Alliance for Natural Health) in London.

Along side the Masterclass with Dr Jonathan wright, there was a special guest appearance made by the hugely entertaining Robert Scott Bell D.A, Hom., who is the author of Unlock the Power to Heal.

Robert is best known for being the hugely successful host of US-based The Robert Scott Bell show. So, in addition to his lectures at this ANH event, Robert held his 2 hour radio show live following the event from 6-8pm that Sunday night. The show was also syndicated to UK Health Radio daily.

Dr Peter Koeppel was specially selected from those in attendance at the event for a 20 minutes interview about his pioneering nucleotide research. Also interviewed with Dr Koeppel was ANH’s Dr Robert Verkerk, who has been a long-term user of the Nutri-tide nucleotide supplements, including more recently nnnSPORT®X-Cell.

We’ll let you be the judge of the interview… but we found it hugely entertaining!

Listen here….

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