Paul Burgess of Athletic Nutrition speaks with Dr Peter Koeppel

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Paul Burgess, advanced personal trainer, clinical nutritionist and owner of Athletic Fitness & Nutrition met us at Sports Nutrition Live 2015 where we launched nnnSPORT®X-Cell.

He took some product away, gave it a try and very quickly re-contacted us to see if he could interview Dr. Peter Koeppel in a podcast for his site.

Paul published the recording on his site podcast and facebook page (see links in bio below) on 30th May 2015 and has very kindly given us permission to host the conversation here too.

Paul and Peter discuss nucleotides; what they are, what they do, and the crucial requirement for a correct balance of appropriate nucleotide supply – for everybody and especially focussing on those serious about fitness and nutrition. They also talk about combatting stress, reducing the effects of oxidative stress, increasing muscle protein synthesis (by as much as 25% and more) and the answer to the question on the tip of everybody’s tongue how to “live younger”.

Listen to their illuminating conversation – you really won’t regret it!

Paul Burgess (short bio)

Athletic Fitness & Nutrition was set up by Paul Burgess with the purpose of being able to deliver the highest specification, most cutting edge physical training techniques and nutrition advice.

Paul is a lifelong drug free fitness enthusiast whose passion for health and fitness has taken priority since his mid teens. Attracted by the pictures he used to see in the bodybuilding magazines at the age of 15 he joined a gym and started a 30 year love / hate affair with the reps and sets!

“There are many things in your life that will catch your eye – but only a few will catch your heart … pursue those”

Paul Burgess SAC Dip (CN) SAC Dip (PFT) SAC Dip (AnAg)

In his early 30’s he trained in MMA before it had become popular in the UK becoming a highly respected competitor and teacher to aspiring title contenders.

In his mid 30’s he decided to turn his passion for fitness into his full time career and became a nutritionist and personal trainer gaining Diploma’s in Clinical Nutrition, Personal Training and Anti Ageing

As his knowledge for nutrition and training increased, a real passion developed for learning more and more about what really makes the difference when using nutrition and exercise to affect body composition. Every book read, video watched and seminar attended was used to make him the teacher he is today.

His motivation is to be the best he can be for his age and to show clients that being over 45 is no reason not to be fit, healthy and look good!

This has led him to being chosen as Over 40’s Bodybuilder of the Week by the prestigious!

If you are serious about sports nutrition you really should check out Paul’s site and facebook page and visit back here for more exciting news about nnnSPORT®X-Cell and Paul Burgess in the very near future!

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