Nucleotides: strengthen the immune system and speed recovery

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Professor Lars McNaughton discusses his original ground-breaking work on dietary nucleotide supplementation, with our NuCell formula.

Professor Lars McNaughton* published a paper in the prestigious Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, where he looked at how nucleotide supplementation can mitigate stress on the body from endurance exercise.

McNaughton, L., Bentley, David J., and Koeppel, P. (2006). The effects of a nucleotide supplement on salivary IgA and cortisol after moderate endurance exercise, J. Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 46:84-89.

He sat down with us to answer questions about the implications of this study for athletes. Here are a few snippets from this dialogue:

“After 60 days of supplementation, we found significant differences in the two markers between the control and the experimental groups. Those subjects who were taking the nucleotide supplement had significantly higher levels of salivary IgA than the control group. Analogously, cortisol levels were significantly lower in the experimental group than the control.”

Prof. McNaughton’s powerful conclusion of his research is:

“The implications are that nucleotide supplementation strengthens the immune system, leading to fewer colds and upper respiratory infections, and that it lowers the hormonal reaction to stress, meaning lower levels of cortisol during and after exercise, and thus to less tissue damage, which in turn permits faster recovery.”

To download a PDF transcript of this detailed questions and answer session about his pioneering research please please click the following link: 012_Mcnaughton Interview Nutri-tide.

*At the time of publication, Lars McNaughton was Head of the Department of Sport, Health & Exercise Science at the University of Hull in
England. A native of England who grew up in Australia, Professor McNaughton completed his PhD at the University of Oregon (home of coach Bill Bowerman and runners Steve Prefontaine, Alberto Salazar, etc). He has published over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals during a 25year career including stints in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science (AESS) and the European College of Sports Science (ECSS).

Note from the nnnSPORT team:

“This is our original ground-breaking research into the impact of nucleotides on the immune response to exercise. This research established that our food supplement product, NuCell®IM, which incorporates the standardised Nutri-tide formula, had a significant impact on the immune response of athletes under high intensive stress and moderate endurance exercise. Since this earlier research, we have developed this formula for the elite sports environment, working closely with renown sports science facilities, specialising in performance and recovery monitoring. nnnSPORT®X-Cell has evolved from this sports specific research, powered by the Nutri-tide formula, but now in a water-soluble form and dosing specifically with the more elite sportsman and women in mind.”

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