Nucleotides and the immune response to exercise

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Article in Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine

Much has been written about how intense exercise impacts negatively on the immune response, but very little has been written about how supplementing with nucleotides can address this issue.

The editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine, Ian Craig, caught up with nucleotide pioneer, Dr Peter Koeppel, whilst he was visiting e’Pap* Technologies in South Africa.

Together they reviewed the research conducted under clinical conditions using the nucleotide formulas developed by Dr Koeppel to support the immune response of sportsmen under high intensity and moderate endurance stress.

The article “Nucleotides and the immune response to exercise” was thus born, and was printed in FSN magazine, issue Nov/Dec 2013. Here are the opening paragraphs:

“Physical and mental stress can compromise our immune response, but certain nutrients can alleviate that response. Dr Peter Koeppel, from ProBio Ltd, Switzerland, explores the science behind nucleotide supplementation and its effect on an athlete’s immune system”.

The article covers the research conducted by Prof Lars McNaughton at Bath University with sportsmen under high intensity and moderate endurance exercise. The effects of the nucleotide supplement on the immune response were significant, showing significant impact on reducing the build-up of the stress hormone, cortisol, and the corresponding positive impact on the maintenance of immune system (as measured by salivary IgA levels).

The article is fully referenced and concludes:

“The NuCell®IM nucleotide product areadly mentioned, now has a new sister product (nnnSPORT®X-Cell has evolved from this sports specific research), which is designed for sports people. The research behind the product has been conducted to show that a specialised combination of vitamins, amino acids and nucleotides can enable generally healthy sports men and women to support their immune and hormonal responses during times of heavy demand (12,13,25).

The vitamins and nutrients contained in NuCell®IM also have a role in the process of cell division and regeneration, protecting cells from oxidative stress and contributing to iron absorption and normal red blood cell formation. In recognition of the need for sports men and women to be able to choose sports supplements that are free from prohibited substances, NuCell®IM (and nnnSPORT®X-Cell) is registered and tested through the HFL Sports Science Informed-Sport prohibited substances testing programme.”

Please contact us to receive a copy of this article, and read all about the results of these studies. You can also read our interview with Prof Lars McNaughton, please see Blog ………

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