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The official launch of nnnSPORT®X-Cell at Sports Nutrition Live, 9 May 2015, The Oval, London

We selected Sports Nutrition Live to launch nnnSPORT®X-Cell, following a successful pre-launch at last year’s event in London W1.

Sports Nutrition Live is a sports nutrition conference designed specifically for sports nutritionists, registered nutritional therapists, personal trainers and sports professionals.

Providing a full day’s education from internationally-recognised speakers in the field of sports nutrition (this year featuring: Alessandro Ferretti, Pete Williams, Craig Pickering, Ian Craig, Professor Michael Gleeson, and Hannah Moir) SNL focuses on all aspects of sports nutrition and apart from growing ones knowledge, the conference also shows how to put that knowledge to practical, clinical-use.

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The focus of this year’s event was Exercise Immunology:

  • How intense exercise impacts the immune system
  • To identify systemic inflammation in sporting people through the lens of Functional Medicine
  • The pros and cons of extreme exercise methods in the context of a well-planned periodised programme
  • The effects that immune regulators such as AMP-Protein Kinase have on the recovery from exercise and underperformance syndrome
  • How to support the stressed immune system via nutritional strategies

Additionally, there is also the chance to network with over 185 allied professionals and do business with some of the industry-leading sports nutrition brands including, of course, Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd and our new product line nnnSPORT®X-Cell.

NNNXL Launch at FSNLive 2015 002

figure 1: Leading immunologist, Dr Peter Koeppel is seen here explaining how nnnSPORT®X-Cell, with its unique balanced formula of nucleotides, is important for the immune response to exercise.

All images in this article courtesy of © 2015 Sports Nutrition Live / www.sportsnutritionlive.co.uk

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