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The science of nucleotides

Nucleotides are for everybody

The science behind the subject of nucleotides and microbiology, as one can imagine, is an extremely complex one full of terms and “given” facts that can be intimidating and off-putting to most people, especially those with a non-scientific background approaching nucleotides for the first time.

We work closely with experts who have made it their life’s work to study nucleotides and even after 25–30 years immersed in the field they are still discovering new and amazing things that surprise them on a regular basis!

Many good professional nutritionists and dieticians are aware of nucleotides and their benefits and even some of the more advanced science but most people struggle to get a grasp of even the most basic information.

We have found this the biggest hurdle in getting the “message” about the importance of nucleotide nutrition across to an uninitiated public audience.

With this in mind we have broken the information in the science section of the site into two groups:

An introduction to nucleotides:

This section approaches nucleotide science from the very basics assuming no prior knowledge of the subject. It is written in straightforward, non-scientific, English wherever possible and giving full layman’s explanations of scientific terms where not. Using lots of explanatory diagrams and info-graphics we have attempted to approach a very technical and complicated niche subject in a way that most people will understand and many will actually find even entertaining not to mention quite eye-opening.

Based on information contained in our ground-breaking educational publication, “Putting you completely in the picture” – an introduction to nucleotides, which was initially created to support our highly successful retail digestive and immunity products. This part of the science section will be added to on a regular basis and will eventually grow in size and complexity to cover a host of nucleotide information and related topics.

Written with the beginner in mind it also works extremely well as a refresher course for people that have not visited the subject for a while. We have also had feedback that is has been very successfully used by professionals who want to get the message across to their clients or patients.

We will eventually be featuring all the information contained within the brochure right here in the science section of this site. You can visit back here, like us on Facebook or supply us with your details if you would like to be updated when we add more information. However, if you cannot wait and would like to know more about the fascinating, and ever more important, subject of nucleotide nutrition right away, simply contact us with your details and we will send you a PDF by e-mail.

Advanced nucleotides:

This section will be up-and-running soon and will cater for scientists, practitioners, and professional nutritionists, dieticians, and all other people who are comfortable with a more “advanced” approach to the subject. It will discuss topics that are sport related primarily but will also cover articles and papers that support the essentiality of nucleotides in related areas of importance e.g.: digestion and immunity.

As above, this section will grow on a regular basis and you can visit back here, like us on Facebook or contact us with your details if you would like to be updated when we add more information.

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