“Challenge accepted!” – Intrepid cyclist of the week #1

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The first of our intrepid friends to take on a crazy personal challenge this weekend is our long-time associate Robert Verkerk, Executive and Scientific Director at ANH Consultancy (Alliance for Natural Health). He decided it would be “fun” to try to gatecrash the grand finale of the Tour de France by cycling from his home town of Farnborough in the UK to the Champs-Élysées in Paris IN UNDER 24 HOURS!

As a highly respected scientist in the natural health field who works from dawn to dusk, fitting in extremely high intensity cycling training whenever he can, many already think that this man is a maniac but, just to make this a bit more interesting (and after a false start) he chose to meet this challenge in the predictable heavy rain of a northern European summer!

He made it … with about a minute to spare, and his amazing time includes the 8 hour ferry trip!

Rob attributes his endurance and recovery to his diet, exercise and supplementary nutrient regime – nnnSPORT® X-Cell for his nucleotide requirements,‎ and the nutrients and benefits derived from the CleanLeanProtein (CLP) and GoodGreenStuff (GGS) products from NuZest.

Some impressive figures:

  • 24 hr Solo Challenge – Farnborough/Paris
  • Total distance: 188 miles (300 km)
  • Cycling time: 10 hours 58 mins
  • Ferry crossing: 8 hours 15 mins
  • Avg HR: 142
  • Max HR: 178
  • Avg speed: 17.1 mph (27.5 kph)
  • Max speed: 36.2 mph (58 kph) – without a ticket!
  • Total ascent: 6635 feet (2000 m)
  • Calorie burn: 4316 Kcal
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Long time nucleotide supplementer Rob uses his in-depth knowledge of nutritional and sports science to help him improve his endurance and recovery stats. He now terms himself “Keto-adapted” a state achieved by combining a (relatively) low carbohydrate diet with exercise using nutritional ketosis to enhance your well-being and to help make endurance challenges like this one attainable goals.

In case you missed it, you can listen to Rob’s comments, about the importance to him of nucleotide supplementation, when he was interviewed by Robert Scott Bell the successful US Healthcare Radio host and author of “Unlock the Power to Heal” right here on the site.

Why does he do it?

… in his own words:

“Some people ask: why go to the trouble? My answer is simple: it is no trouble. It’s about becoming healthier, being less of a burden on society as you age, having a greater quality of life, being able to adventure.”

“As with so many health regimens and treatments, there was a side effect: I lost 25 kg in weight in 6 months and my cycling performance stats sky-rocketed! At 55, I’m riding faster and longer than ever before, and with much less stress on my body.”

“It’s about becoming healthier, being less of a burden on society as you age, having a greater quality of life, being able to adventure.”

Robert Verkerk ANH Consultancy

Here are some quotes from Rob’s immensely interesting and insightful Alliance for Natural Health Blog about the trip:

“Two is the number that springs to mind when I reflect on my weekend challenge of cycling from the London to Paris in under 24 hours to arrive at the finale of the Tour de France on the Champs-Élysées.”

“My vehicle had two wheels and two pedals. It took two attempts. There were two legs: a UK one and a French one, adding up to double century in miles. I had two meals during the 24 hour period. And, probably most importantly I consumed two carbohydrate gels. That latter fact is probably most relevant…”

“A great number of people understand the value of good nutrition. Probably not a dissimilar number appreciate the value of regular physical activity and have turned their backs on sedentary lifestyles. But many fewer have found ways of combining these two vital planks of health and wellbeing (the third is of course all about sleep, rest and peace of mind) in such a way that that it makes it relatively easy to fit all of this into a busy life.”

“That’s why we thought it might be valuable to offer an account of my weekend adventure and the preparation that led up to it. While my own adventure involved a bicycle, the same approach could be equally applied to any endurance activity, be it trekking, mountain climbing, kayaking – or something I learned of recently – 24-hour, non-stop, stand-up comedy! “

Rob UK to Paris Bike Ride Image 003

Everyone at nnnSPORT® would like to say a huge WELL DONE to Rob for this amazing achievement and wish him luck for next year –although how he’ll top this we’re not yet sure?!!

You can read more about Robert’s trip and the importance he places on Keto adaptation in his Alliance for Natural Health Blog by following this link.

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