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nnnSPORT® – our sporting collaboration

Nucleotide Nutrition has teamed up with an experienced team of sports coaches and nutritionists, led by Mike Lane. We have combined Mike’s understanding of the sports environment through his FA coaching activities, alongside our own expertise to form a new brand, nnnSPORT®, dedicated to the serious athlete.

Meet the team

Rachel Hoyle, BSc – CEO, Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd

Rachel Hoyle, BSc, graduated from Birmingham University in 1984, embarking on a career in product development.

In the late 80’s Rachel became associated with Dr Peter Koeppel’s pioneering nucleotide research. Following a succession of innovation awards, including SMART Award grants, she became recognised for her role in the pioneering of nucleotide based nutritional formulations through peer reviewed clinical research in health and sport stress fields.
Rachel is CEO of Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd, a company dedicated to the development and marketing of nucleotides brands; Nutri-tide®NT, IntestAid®IB, NuCell®IM, and now nnnSPORT®X-Cell.

Hi, apart from devoting my working life to the development of food supplements, I have been a keen amateur sports women, but now more likely to be seen playing a leisurely round of golf!

I am a science graduate from the University of Birmingham (1984) and like to think I am recognised for my expertise in product development, and have been a major contributor to establishing the role of nucleotides in human health. In 1995, I formed my first company with the remit to develop markets and animal health products utilising the nucleotide-based formulations pioneered by Dr Peter Koeppel of Swiss-based Pro Bio Ltd.

In the early 2000’s, the first of my successful clinical trials for the nucleotide based food supplements too place, these were backed by highly sort after UK government grants, namely SMART Awards.

In 2008, following successful clinical trial results and their peer-reviewed publications, I formed my company dedicated to human health, and the launch of the food supplements, IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM.

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with nucleotide pioneer, Dr Peter Koeppel, helping him to established that for many their modern-style Western diet is deficient in nucleotides. This is because the foods naturally high in nucleotides are rarely eaten now, i.e. liver, kidney and tripe – staples of our grandparents and even further back cavemen and women!

Rachel developed specifically for the nutritional therapists and health practitioner food supplement, Nutri-tide NT, a concentrated nucleotide product, suitable for therapeutic use.

More recently I found additional funding to support continued university research with elite sports men and women looking at performance under high intensity stress conditions. This will further support the development of products under the nnnSPORT® brand.

Dr. Peter Koeppel – consultant nucleotide expert

Peter Köppel has a PhD in Biochemistry and Immunology. He was trained in Biochemistry, with a special interest in clinical immunology, at the Institute of Virology at the University of Zürich. He then worked as a researcher in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in a pharmaceutical company in Basel. As managing director of Chemoforma Ltd and Pro Bio Ltd in Switzerland, Dr Köppel has, for over 20 years, led research and production of special nucleotide ingredients for both animal and human nutrition. This has led him to being seen as one of the world’s foremost experts on nucleotides for health and performance. Dr Köppel is a special advisor to Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd, collaborating with Rachel Hoyle on the company’s product development and clinical research.

Hello, my name is Peter Köppel. To give you a bit of background, I am Swiss, a keen cyclist, with a passion for nucleotides.

I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry and Immunology. I was trained in Biochemistry with a special interest in clinical immunology at the Institute of Virology at the University of Zürich. I then worked as a researcher in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis at a pharmaceutical company in Basel.

As managing director of Chemoforma Ltd and Pro Bio Ltd in Switzerland, I have led research and production of special nucleotide formulations for both animal and human nutrition, for over 20 years.

All together I have been involved in over 400 ethical animal nutrition trials, many under EFSA protocols. These trials have been a strong and excellent basis for our development of nucleotide based food supplements and the human clinical trials conducted here in the UK and overseas.

It takes many years to produce all the pieces of a nutritional jigsaw, and to obtain scientific and nutritional acceptance for a nutrient. This is why I feel nucleotides are “nutrition’s best kept secret”.

I am also associated with Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd, which is the company that we collaborate with on product development, grant-aided clinical research, and of course the distribution of nucleotide food supplements.

I am particularly excited about our new collaboration, nnnSPORT®, since the most exciting and ground-breaking research with our formulas has taken place in the sporting environment. Serious sportmen and women really do test out our products!!

Peter is a contributory author for the following scientific research papers:

High Intensity and endurance sports stress

Research conducted by Prof Lars McNaughton, at Bath University, Sports Science Dept.
Mc Naughton L, Bentley D, Koeppel PD. The effects of a nucleotide supplement on the immune and metabolic response to short term, high intensity exercise performance in trained male subjects. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2007 Mar;47(1):112-8.

Mc Naughton L, Bentley D, Koeppel PD. The effects of a nucleotide supplement on salivary IgA and cortisol after moderate endurance exercise. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2006 Mar; 46(1):84-9.

Ground breaking articles

Peter expertise has been sought by one of the leading sports nutrition magazines, Functional Sports Nutrition. Here are his published articles:

2011 – Nucleotides – the building blocks of life

2013 – Nucleotides and the Immune System

2014 – Influence of nucleotides on the body’s hormones

2014 – Nucleotides: Gene-Proteins-Performance

In recognition of Peter’s importance to the field of sports nutrition, the FSN Academy has appointed him as one of the experts.

Additionally, the nutritional therapy world is waking up to role of nucleotides in human health, following articles published by Peter in magazines dedicated to the health professional:

CAM Magazine 2011: Lifestyle-induced essentiality: science takes another look at nucleotides co-authored with Dr. Robert Verkerk

NHD Clinical 2011: Nucleotides: Speculation on lifestyle-induced essentiality co-authored with Dr. Robert Verkerk


Recently the British Association for Nutritional therapists (BANT) invited Peter Koeppel to present a webinar exposing the importance of dietary nucleotides to human health.
This webinar was released by BANT for their associate members on 13th March 2015. Nucleotides, nutrition’s best kept secret – Putting you in the picture about nucleotides and their role in the body

Mike Lane – director of sales & marketing

Mike has been involved with functional animal nutrition for 20 years working first with Procter and Gamble and then as a consultant for a variety of animal health companies. It is at this time that he became interested in the power of nucleotides.

As a youth he was a runner for the county of Warwickshire where he grew up and has played squash, badminton, tennis and football to county level. He is also a qualified football coach with the FA and the RDFA.

“Hello, my name is Mike …”
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