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About Nucleotide Nutrition Ltd

Nucleotide Nutrition is a pioneering company set up to bring fresh, innovative ideas and effective natural healthcare products to the consumer. Our forward thinking for innovative products will always be consumer focused, and we will re-invest in ethical science and research. We are based at a hub of innovation  in Cheshire, in the North West of England, aptly named Daresbury Innovation Centre.

Nucleotide Nutrition – The natural approach

The company has built its reputation on the food supplements, IntestAid®IB and NuCell®IM.

Both these products include natural ingredients, and offer a natural approach to staying healthy. The main aim of these products is to help the body’s natural biological processes to work as well as evolution has designed them to.

The main secret to the success of these products is our exclusive Nutri-tide® nucleotide nutritional formula. Read more about Nutri-tide® and Nucleotide Nutrition’s natural approach in “The science” section of our web site.

Dr Peter Koeppel, renowned immunologist and pioneering nucleotide expert, is the brains behind all our food supplements. His collaboration with our CEO, Rachel Hoyle, has pieced together many pieces of the scientific jigsaw, proving that there is a conditionally essential requirement for supplementary nucleotides. Our innovative and effective food supplements are designed to overcome this need, especially for those living in stressful conditions and, of course, the ‘serious athlete’.

Products built on scientific fact and clinical evidence

Our innovative products have emerged from ethical and sustainable sources, backed by Government grant aided research awards. All clinical studies have been backed up by health practitioner case studies.

More recently our research has been dedicated to the science of sport. We have high intensity training stress trials ongoing with leading sports science research teams.

It is well known that athletes training at high intensity and endurance levels need higher levels of vitamins and amino acids, and how it has become recognised that this also applies to nucleotides.

The ground-breaking research by Prof Lars McNaughton with our food supplement product, NuCell®IM, showed a significant impact on the immune response and recovery of athletes under high intensive stress and moderate endurance exercise.

Since this earlier research, we have enhanced and built upon this formula for the elite sports environment, working closely with renowned sports science facilities specialising in performance and recovery monitoring.

Our latest product, nnnSPORT®X-Cell, evolved from this sports-specific research, powered by the Nutri-tide® formula, but now in a water-soluble form and dosing regimens specifically with the more elite sportsman and women in mind. Our experts have designed nnnSPORT®X-Cell to be a “supplement enhancer” working alongside each athlete’s existing supplementary regimes e.g.protein and recovery drinks.

nnnSPORT® – our sporting collaboration

Nucleotide Nutrition has teamed up with an experienced team of sports coaches and nutritionists, led by Mike Lane. We have combined Mike’s understanding of the sports environment through his FA coaching activities, alongside our own expertise to form a new brand, nnnSPORT®, dedicated to the serious athlete.

Products that are safe and give peace of mind

We recognise that sports men and women need to be sure that the supplements they take are clear of prohibited substances. This is why every product sold on this site is registered with HFL’s Informed-Sport testing scheme.

For your peace of mind, you can request a copy of our corporate certification, plus the Informed-Sport website lists each batch, so you can check for conformation before starting each purchase.