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Introducing nnnSPORT®X-Cell

nnnSPORT®X-Cell – the natural approach to fuel your DNA – our latest product has been developed specifically for serious athletes during highly intensive training and competition.

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The science of nucleotides

The subject of nucleotides and microbiology can be intimidating and off-putting to most people, especially those with a non-scientific background approaching nucleotides for the first time. We’re here to help!


How nnnSPORT® X-Cell works

It is well known that athletes training at high intensity and endurance levels need higher levels of vitamins and amino acids, and how it has become recognised that this also applies to nucleotides.

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Visit our shop today!

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Extremely large numbers

When you add enough zeros sometimes numbers start to lose all meaning and become hard to visualise.

We have created some user-friendly info-graphics to help you wrap your head around a few of the mind-boggling statistics relating to nucleotides.

Visit our latest science pages.

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Cells in a healthy adult human
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Number of new cells required every minute by a healthy human adult

Informed Sport registered

Informed Sport registration

Making sure our products are free from any WADA prohibited substances.

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What they’re saying

“… It was like clockwork for me in the past, I’d always suffer a cold sore or other marker of a compromised immune system in the days after an event. Nucleotides taken supplementally at between 1.5 to 3 grams daily in divided doses on the lead up to a major endurance event and a few days after, is the only nutrient category I have found that helps modulate my immune system properly post-event. I then go back to a maintenance dose of around 500 mg to 1 gram daily.”
Robert Verkerk, PhD,
ANH Consultancy Ltd
“The implications are that nucleotide supplementation strengthens the immune system, leading to fewer colds and upper respiratory infections, and that it lowers the hormonal reaction to stress, meaning lower levels of cortisol during and after exercise, and thus to less tissue damage, which in turn permits faster recovery.”
“…training can take a real toll on my body, but I incorporate nnnSPORT®X-Cell into my training routine to help alleviate the inevitable aches and pains that follow a long day of exercise. Since using X-Cell, I have noticed I recover much faster following injury, and have more energy and less aches following exercise, and so have the motivation to train more often and more intensely.”